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Exceptional Students

Welcome to Tonto Basin Elementary School
Exceptional Student Services
Our Vision

Our Exceptional Student Services Department focuses on many important things pertaining to the success of our students with disabilities.  We …

STrive for quality communication between parents, students, teachers, and staff.

EmpOwer our students to reach for the stars and hold high expectations for themselves and those around them.

PlaN for the future by preparing for the transition from elementary school to high school.

STand with parents in looking for those students who need help and provide exceptional services wherever needed.

EncOurage inclusion of all students to better enrich their – and our – lives.



Child Find

The Tonto Basin Elementary School District accepts referrals for all students and assist parents in contacting the appropriate agency to meet their needs. The Tonto Basin Elementary School District conducts Child Find screening.

To schedule an appointment for Child Find screening call Tonto Basin Elementary School at 928-479-2277.

The intent of Child Find is that all children from birth through age 21 with delays or disabilities are identified, located and evaluated to receive the supports and services they need.

Public schools and the Arizona Early Intervention Program are responsible for "finding" eligible children and providing services needed for them to reach their developmental milestones or meet their educational needs. 

When children are "found", they are referred to a specialist to screen their development. The screening helps "identify" any areas of concern that need to be evaluated further. In order to receive early intervention or special education services, a child must be evaluated to confirm they have a delay or disability that falls under state definitions.

If needed, the child is evaluated using state criteria for specific delays or disabilities. If eligible, the Arizona Early Intervention Program or a public school system will offer early intervention or special education services according to the child's needs.

Early intervention supports and services assist families of children who are eligible by helping children ages Birth to three years develop to their full potential. In Arizona, early intervention services are provided through the Arizona Early Intervention Program (or AzEIP).

Preschool special education services for children ages 3 to 5 provide special strategies to help children reach their developmental milestones.

Special education services for school-aged children in kindergarten through the age of 21 provide specialized instruction and services to assist children in the educational environment.



Procedural Safeguards Notice


Procedural Safeguards are important for all parents who have children in the Special Education program or are being considered for the Special Education program. Below is an electronic copy of the Procedural Safeguards which outline parent and student rights and provides resources if you have any specific questions about the Special Education program. If you have any further questions please contact Tonto Basin Elementary School District and ask for the Exceptional Student Services Department.