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Mission, Vision, Motto, and Core Values

Tonto Basin Elementary School Mission Statement

The mission of Tonto Basin Elementary School is to provide an educational environment in which students can develop the basic skills necessary to acquire knowledge in this informational age and to become productive and successful citizens who respect themselves and others.


Tonto Basin Elementary School is a school community of high expectations where all learners gain knowledge, social skills, and the ability to master common core standards and demonstrate the competencies and attitudes necessary to succeed in the 21st Century workplace.


"Education is Not the Filling of the Pail, But the Lighting of a Fire." ~William Butler Yeats

Core Values

1. Student Centered
Decisions will be based on the question: "Will this lead to student success?"

2. Team-Orientated
Support and respect will be demonstrated for each other as we accept responsibility to maintain our commitments to work, family, and the community.

3. High Academic Performance
Students will show a progression of skills for reading, writing, listening, speaking, and the use of language effectively in a variety of content areas at an extremely high level.

4. Technology Oriented
Students will be prepared with the technological skills necessary for college, career, and life.